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December 08 2008

I'm trying to get Modernizer to work with it's internal AJAX dll. Good Times!! Good Times!!

November 22 2008

Getting some mala spicy chicken strips from my favorite place: The Four Seasons Hot Pots.

November 19 2008

Utterli - dellojoio's Discussion

[Utterli mobile post] : Getting Wasatch Development Studios "Modernizer" almost complete. Adding custom page attributes right now ....
Getting Wasatch Development Studios "Modernizer" almost complete. Adding custom page attributes right now ....

November 11 2008

Is looking to celebrate our veterans by connecting to friends on the Wii. If you have a console code let me know!!

November 06 2008

I've finally finished the framework for "Social Marketing" consulting. To Learn how to make social presence profitable drop me a line.

November 03 2008

Just had a friend tell me about the last chance to register for the Mo-Tab Christmas Concert. Register Here: http://ping.fm/kf9RP

October 31 2008

Utterli - dellojoio's Discussion

[Utterli mobile post]
Is leaving to go pay bills, Buy "Cheers Season 4 & 5" and eat at "Hot Dog King." If you want to stop on by I'll be at HDK in 10 minutes!!
I wants to go to the Hot Dog King!!!! Anyone wanna come along I'll be there in 15 minutes!!!!
I now have to restart my computer to complete my installation .... MUWAHAHAHAHA .... I'm going MAD!!!!!!
I don't have any candy to give out to kids tonight ... I just ate it all!! :(

October 29 2008

Just got a cool Twitter about Park City Mountain Resort and Parent Co. getting a Green Leadership award from the EPA: http://ping.fm/zhS3S
: Trying to get a composition onto the Page before it falls out of my head!!

October 28 2008

I returned triumphantly from a meeting to discuss why the PO-Coc doesn't meet the needs of small business!! Triumphantly = Free Cookie!!!
I'm about to go to the meeting of "What to do with the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce?" group.

October 27 2008

Is lookin' for friends who have YouTube Accounts. His Friend list on Da' Tube is appallingly small!!!!!

Ping.fm isn't updating all of my statuses!!!! I think I might have to find another consolidator. :(
Listening to 2 Hyper-Uber-Geeks talking about Role Playing and wondering if this is my life now?

October 24 2008

I'm really happy with WABCON: The Presentations, The Key Note, The Attendees. Everythiing was Great!!!!!
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