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October 23 2008

I'm done. Now to practice and on to WABCON!!!!
Finalizing the WABCON Presentation for Tomorrow!!

October 22 2008

I just got yelled at by a wrong number? She called me and somehow it's my fault for having the number? I guess I should always answer my phone with "Dr. Charles Stratham."
WABCON is Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRGGGGHHH!!!!! The Countdown is On!!!!

October 21 2008

I just finished poking all my friends on Facebook. My finger is KILLING ME!!!!!! Back to WABCON!!! Http://www.wabcon.com

October 20 2008

It's about time people on facebook got poked!!!!!

October 19 2008

Gotta love when history repeats itself ... sometimes: Go Red Sox!!!!!

October 16 2008

Attending MSI and helping people with Marketing stuff.

October 09 2008

is keeping up the struggle to get more people to WABCON!!! A great conference with little attendance!! grrrrrr.

October 08 2008

I hate to admit that I REALLY like using the new Flock Browser ... http://www.flock.com if your interested!!
showing flock off to my nephew and his chickie-poo

October 07 2008

I'm posting to all of my statuses by using Ping.fm. Watching Numb3rs and trying new "micro-blogging" stuff.

October 04 2008

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October 01 2008

Utterli - dellojoio's Discussion

[Utterli mobile post]

September 30 2008

Oct 23

Wasatch Business Conference 2008

08:30 UVU Student Sorensen Center, Orem UT Add this event to a calendar application
This is the premier business education conference in Utah Valley. WABCON is an all day business training event that has 16 break-out sessions and a Key Note presentation by Roger Anthony from CrocPond.com. If you would like to attend ping me to get a $100 discount. Get more information @ http://www.wabcon.com
Trying out Pownce for the first time .. gotta see the hype!
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